We'd like to showcase local artists' work in the shop windows each month throughout 2019. If you or anyone you know creates work (sculpture, painting, mosaic, photography, textiles...) that would suit, please pop in to have a chat with us. The commission for any sold pieces will be 20% (and we will donate half of this figure to a local charity).

These are the artists who will be displaying their work in the coming months:


Sue Butler – Nature Photographer 

Sue has lived in Heworth for over 48 years. She is a self taught amateur photographer and specialises in flower photography but also loves taking photographs of trees and landscapes.

Most of her photography is taken around Yorkshire and more recently the Lake District. Her photograph ‘Snug as a Bug’  was highly commended by the International Garden Photographer Of The Year in 2015 and in 2017 she was highly commended by the IGPOTY 2017 for the photograph entitled ‘Green Tree.’ Find out more on Sue's website and Facebook page.

Dave Atkin – Wood Carver and Spoon Maker

Dave started wood carving to contrast his day job as an architectural modelmaker and his hobby is now developing into a business.

Influenced by the Green man myth he initially carved in relief. Over the following years he has explored carving green wood, making spoons, scoops and shrink pots. Dave uses sustainable locally sourced greenwood to carve individual pieces influenced by the natural world, folklore and history.

Using only hand tools, Dave axes out the initial form of his spoons before using various knives to create the final design. This traditional way of working allows closer contact with the natural material. Left to show the natural grain or further carved or painted enhances the wood, making each piece truly unique.

Dave studied an Art Foundation Course at York College then Modelmaking at Sunderland University. Find out more on Dave's website  or his Facebook and Instagram pages.


Tracey Thompson – Wet Felt Artist

Tracey has been immersed in this ancient craft for over two years. She works mainly with Merino tops, which are the felter's friend, soft and luxurious, quick to felt and are dyed in wonderful, vibrant colours.

She loves to create wool 'paintings' and takes her inspiration from nature and the beautiful surroundings that she sees on her countryside walks, often foraging for any textures to add to her work.  Find out more on Tracey's Facebook page.

Catherine Boyne-Whitelegg – Potter

Catherine runs her own small Pottery Studio in Heworth.  She graduated with a BA (Hons) in Ceramics many years ago and now pots and teaches.

She makes both raku and smoke fired animals as well as slipware pottery. Find out more on Catherine's website.


Sue Terry – Silver Jewellery and Fused Glass

Sue's silver jewellery is all handmade and uses 99.9% pure silver. The silver starts its life as silver clay, which is then moulded into unique designs such as earrings and pendants before being fired in a kiln and then polished.  Dichroic glass, fused in the kiln is also used to make jewellery either alongside the silver or as a stand-alone piece of jewellery.  Fused glass candle holders and candle screens are also available too. Find out more on Sue's Instagram page.

Sally Clarke – Printmaker

Sally has been printmaking for over 20 years, mainly working with collagraphs.  Her imagery usually involves the human figure.  By putting the figure in different poses and situations, she hopes to create a particular atmospheric mood.

She is a member of York Printmakers and has often taken part in York Open Studios and has exhibited in many Yorkshire galleries and venues.  Find out more on Sally's Instagram page.


Alyson Cowen – Dressmaker

Alyson was born in Heworth and was taught to sew and knit by her Mum.  Inspired by 1950’s fashions and furnishings Alyson loves vintage fabrics and kitsch prints. She makes clothes and accessories for ladies and children. Find out more on Alyson's Facebook page or Etsy shop.

Lucy Monkman – Illustrator

As a freelance illustrator living in York, Lucy has worked with a wide range of local and national clients. She has created artwork for magazines, books, logos and marketing material and artwork for many bespoke commissions to celebrate an occasion. In 2010 she launched her own paper goods company with a range of greeting cards, social stationery and notebooks.

Her latest range is the Home Sweet Home collection of greeting cards, ceramic mugs and colourful prints. The designs feature familiar objects in the home and a few much loved animal friends as well. For examples of her illustration work please do visit Lucy's website, Facebook or Instagram pages.


Emma Coleman – Beads and Cards

Emma has been involved in a wide array of crafts for most of her life and turns her hand to all things ‘crafty’.  She specialises in bespoke jewellery and paper crafts and sells some pieces online.  She does however enjoy upholstery, sewing, upcycling furniture and print work as well.  She has selected some of her jewellery for sale with beads she has been gifted or collected herself from all over the world in countries such as India, Thailand and Morocco.  Plus some cards that suit a range of celebrations from birthdays to Father’s Day.  Find out more on Emma's Facebook page.

Pippa Taylor – Painter

Pippa Taylor has lived in York for 18 years and is a self taught artist, she has recently started painting again after a 12 year hiatus.  Pippa paints part time as a hobby and mainly focuses on landscapes in acrylic but also does the odd pencil drawing.  Being a lover of nature and the outdoors, Pippa loves to explore, often wild camping and walking for inspiration.  Find out more on Pippa's Instagram and Facebook pages.


No 3 Knit & Natter Group – Knitting & Sewing

The knit and natter group was set up 6 years ago in the St. Leonard’s Hospice charity shop in Heworth and became very popular due to it’s relaxed friendly atmosphere.  When space became a problem, it moved into No 3 where it is currently based.  The knitters make a variety of items for sale, the proceeds of which are donated to local charities like York Against Cancer, St. Leonard’s Hospice, Diabetes, Alzheimer’s and the Yorkshire Air Ambulance.  They also donate hats and scarves to the homeless and knitted blankets to the RSPCA.  Two more groups have now been set up - one in The Walnut Tree which does mixed crafts, and the other in a local community centre which concentrates on sewing projects.

Malcolm Ward - Painter and Wood Carver

Malcolm is a self taught artist and ornamental wood carver with over ten years experience.  He first started painting by trying different mediums within his artwork, but quickly found a love for oil paints.  Because of his disabilities, he can only paint or carve for short lengths of time.

A couple of years ago, he joined Inspired Art and Craft Community Club, York. This is a group that was set up for creative people who have health issues and or disabilities.  Since joining the group and with their help, he has been able to exhibit and sell his creations at Art Exhibitions and Craft Fairs in and around the York area.  He paints and carves solely for the love of it, and therefore his only charge is mainly for the cost of materials.  You can find more images of his artwork by going onto the Inspired Art and Craft Community Club, York Facebook page

For more information about Inspired contact Debbie Thompson debbit4@gmail.com


Adrienne French – Painter

Since graduating with a BA (Hons) in Art & Design in 2001, Adrienne has practised as an artist working from her studio in her home in Heworth.  She has shown in numerous exhibitions both in group and solo shows and has frequently exhibited in York Open Studios.

Her work is primarily landscape based inspired by travels at home and abroad.  She works on large as well as small canvases but also enjoys exploring printmaking and has been a member of York Printmakers since 2017.  Find out more on Adrienne's website, Facebook or Instagram pages. 

Elizabeth Stead – Gemstone and Sterling Silver Jewellery

Elizabeth Stead creates individual, necklaces, bracelets and earrings by hand for women who understand their own style.  Each piece is designed and made with thought and care by Elizabeth herself in her Yorkshire studio.

Inspired by the colours, shapes and textures of the semi-precious gemstones themselves, the designs are finished with sterling silver.  Necklaces and bracelets have toggle clasps, which are much easier to use and kinder to the fingernails than conventional fasteners.

Her personal experiences have brought a greater awareness of the healing properties of natural crystals and how they can enhance and harmonise our personal energy.  Each piece comes with brief details of how the gemstones used may benefit physical and emotion issues.  Find out more on Elizabeth's website.


Petra Bradley – Textile Artist

Petra has loved old textiles since visiting village jumble sales as a child.  This led her to become a Theatre wardrobe mistress and whilst on tour she would collect fabrics. Recently she has become drawn to the social history of the things she finds and she is particularly interested in scraps of embroidery.

Handmade and unsophisticated, these embroideries have come to symbolise for her a particular period. Unloved and undervalued, the crinoline lady, cottage garden and the like are the mainstay of charity shops. Thousands have been thrown out as unfashionable and impracticable.

Recently, they are being re-valued for their period charm, a glimpse of the domestic world of those years. Petra’s bags are a way of displaying this work, as well as giving it a new life with a practical use.  Find out more on Petra's Facebook or Folksy pages.

Dorothy Dellow - Painter

After living and working in several parts of Britain, Dorothy has lived near York for nearly 20 years and is now able to concentrate on her love of painting.  She has always enjoyed experimenting with different media, including a developing interest in lino and woodblock printing.  However, her main focus is on painting with soft pastels.  She loves the landscapes of Britain, which are the main subject of her work, with occasional diversions into animals.


Heather Cawte – Embroidery

Heather came to York in 2015, and wishes she had done it sooner. She has always spent time on all kinds of art and craft, but her real passion is embroidery.  Her designs focus particularly on colour and texture.  Her work has previously been shown in exhibitions at Scampston Hall and Tennants of Leyburn, and in the touring exhibition “Threads of War” - textile reactions to the centenary of the end of World War I.

She is an active member of the City of York branch of the Embroiderers’ Guild UK and of the Stamford Bridge Tapestry Project  (a voluntary group embroidering the story of the Battle of Stamford Bridge 1066 in the style of the Bayeux Tapestry).

Mo Burrows – Contemporary Jewellery

Mo started making jewellery in 2000 after a career in music and a life enjoying crochet, macramé, needlework, batik, ceramics, writing and dance, all of which now influence her work.  Largely self taught, and frustrated when trying to draw, designs are worked in her head and then produced directly as necklaces, broaches and earrings.  She draws inspiration from the colour form and texture of the materials she is working with.  Techniques include silver, copper and bronze precious metal clays; oxidised copper; wirework; three dimensional delica beading; kumihimo braiding and computer generated acrylic design.  Mo will be taking part in York Open Studios & East Yorkshire Open Studios 2019.  Find out more on Mo's website.


Katie Johnson – Sewing

Katie has lived in Yorkshire her whole life.  She worked for the University of York, but now devotes her time to sewing and knitting, having been taught these skills at an early age by her grandmother in Driffield.  Katie combines her love of sewing with her love of dogs, creating a range of dog accessories from collar bows and bandanas to coats and beds.  She has also created a range of aprons, oven gloves and tea cosies which continue the canine theme, which she exhibits at dog shows in the UK.

Nigel Joesbury – Pastel Artist

Nigel is a self taught artist who mainly works in soft pastels.  His love of nature, his family and his border terrier Archie inspire him when painting land and seascapes and animals, both British and exotic.  Two years ago he joined Sherrif Hutton Art Group with his son which reignited his passion for painting. Find out more on Nigel’s Facebook page.


Debbie Thompson – Jewellery and Painting

Debbie discovered a love of drawing and painting over 25 years ago while on holiday and with that in mind she started to attend evening classes and now loves using acrylics.  Animals and birds are her favourite subjects to paint although she sometimes likes to do abstract paintings.  About three years ago she discovered a new paint called Pebeo Fantasy and started to use it within her artwork.  She then discovered that it can also be used to make jewellery.

She hand paints and uses resin to make sterling silver, silver plated, antique silver and other fashion jewellery.  She also hand makes resin art jewellery.  New to 2019 are handmade wood and resin jewellery and wood and resin hand painted refillable notebooks made by herself and her husband.

A few years ago, a difficult patch in her life forced her to stop painting.  After a time, she was put in touch with Converge at York St John University (Converge offers high quality educational opportunities and is a partnership between York St John University and mental health service providers in the York region).  She became a member and with their help, support and encouragement she began to create again.  Converge also helped and supported her to set up a group called ‘Inspired Art and Craft Community Club, York’.  This group helps other creative people who suffer with health issues and/or disabilities and offers them the opportunity to exhibit and sell their creations at art exhibitions and craft fairs in and around the York area.  They meet every Friday in the Community Room at the Tesco Askham Bar store, Tadcaster Road York from 1.30-5.00pm.  Find out more on their Facebook page.

Cathy Needham – Textile Artist

Cathy is inspired by the natural world, from big scale landscapes to smaller elements like sea eddies, autumn leaves or heather.  Her interpretation of these is generally loose and organic, evoking the feel and form of the place or object, rather than precise representation.

Cathy works using several techniques including felt making, hand dyeing, fabric appliqué and more recently weaving. These techniques can be combined in many different ways and are often enhanced with rich hand embellishment, embroidery and beadwork.  Her work is characterised by a strong use of colour and texture and she aims to create different levels of interest, bold and vibrant from afar, with more details revealed on closer inspection.

Cathy creates a wide variety of pieces, both framed and unframed 2D work and more sculptural 3D ones, in a range of sizes.  She has exhibited in many Yorkshire galleries as well as in London and has also taken part in York Open Studios in 2014, 2015 & 2016 and the upcoming one in April 2019.  Find out more on Cathy's website and Facebook page.