Following the success of last year's local artists' showcase event, we will be running the event again throughout 2021. We have slots available so do let us know if you or anyone you know creates work (sculpture, painting, mosaic, photography, textiles...). Please pop in to have a chat with us. The commission for any sold pieces will be 20% (and we will donate all of this money to charity at the end of the year).

These are the artists who will be displaying their work in the coming months:


Paul Farquharson – Recycled Art & Product Design

Paul works across different mediums including print, video and product design.  The artwork usually carries a message or story and a focus on positive change; sometimes ideas around the environment and sustainability, or mindfulness and wellbeing.  Paul is displaying two different projects at No 3 Heworth.

‘Unconsented’ is a series of recycled and repurposed artworks.  Prints and paintings that have been found, bought or salvaged from various locations.  Plastic drinking straws have been painted on top of the original artworks transforming the scenes and conveying a powerful message about the impact plastic waste has on our planet.

‘Posh Knobs’ is one of Paul’s newest ventures.  Teaming up with local York craftsmen, Paul has begun producing a series of beautiful bespoke brass furniture handles inspired by nature.  These fixtures ranging from pine cones, to broccoli and walnuts are handmade in Yorkshire and planet-friendly.  This small artisan team is dedicated in producing these single material, recyclable products with as little impact on the planet as possible.

Visit the Posh Knobs website for more information.

Joyanne Ball – Recycled Fabric Art

Joyanne enjoys making things out of old jeans. She loves the feel of the fabric when it has been worn smooth. She tries to give every part of the jeans a new life and to show the contrast between different shades and textures of denim. Just because the jeans can’t be worn anymore doesn’t mean they are worthless!

Repurpose, Recycle, Reuse: look after the environment.


Katrina Mansfield – Fluid Art

Katrina Mansfield is an artist who creates fluid art animal inks.

Katrina works with alcohol based ink on Yupo paper to create vivid and fascinating paintings of animals. The paper she works on allows a longer working time with the ink. Together with a blending solution she can allow the ink to flow freely across the page to create captivating patterns and shapes.

To create the defined image of an animal Katrina masks off the separate areas and works the ink into each of them, often working in one direction (top to bottom) to avoid the ink from bleeding into other sections.

Katrina enjoys working with ink, she describes it as the most intriguing medium and at the same time most frustrating. “It can produce magical results that you get lost in for hours and hours but it can also destroy the most striking pattern in the blink of an eye. It is exactly like nature itself, devastatingly beautiful”

Which is why she chose the subject of animals. “The creatures of this earth are both fragile and unbreakable, they are flawless and yet also imperfect. They add colour to our human lives, yet they are increasingly in danger of becoming extinct through our actions. This series is a reminder to all that we need the diversity, beauty and intelligence of these creatures in order to survive.”

The paintings take anything from 15 – 60 hours to finish and are principally made without the use of a paintbrush, instead the ink is moved around the paper using a hairdryer, which helps to create the unique patterns.

You can find out more on Katrina's website, Facebook and Instagram pages.


Gareth Butterworth – Photography

Gareth Butterworth (b.1984) is a Heworth local, focusing on street photography and everyday observed moments.

His photography work is mostly York based, capturing a mix of candid subjects and abstract compositions from around the city.

You can see more of his work via his Instagram profile.


Georgie Perry – Upcycled Furniture

Georgie feels lucky that she was born in the Lake District in a small town called Ulverston. Later, she fell in love with York and moved there in 2009 with her now husband and they live very happily in Heworth.

She has always had a huge love of furniture painting - and really loves the prospect of giving tired old pieces of furniture a new lease of life. In February 2020, she started her business (E & O Furniture).  The business is named after her 2 small children, Edward and Orla, who cast a critical eye over everything she creates.

She is grateful that her business has gone from strength to strength.  She particularly loves stencilling and decoupaging onto furniture and her paint of choice is Annie Sloan.  She tends to mix the colours to create new interesting palettes.  Georgie also accepts custom commissions for anyone wanting to give their own furniture a fresh new look.

You can find out more on Georgie's Instagram page.



Dave Atkin - Spoons and Carvings

Dave runs his carving business, Woodwyrm here in York.  He has been an avid wood carver for many years and turned his hobby into a business 3 years ago when he was made redundant.

He is a professional model maker by trade with over 20 years’ experience building a variety of architectural models and took up carving as a contrast to the day job.

He carves a variety of items but loves carving spoons!  Having been introduced to spoon carving 10 years ago he became addicted to it.  “There’s something very rewarding about taking a freshly cut log and working it with an axe and a variety of knives to make a beautiful functional item.” he says.

Dave loves tinkering in the workshop and coming up with new ideas, like his ‘hanging dragons’ but he is equally happy carving the humble tea spoon or historical replicas.

He enjoys being part of York’s creative community and takes part in the various events and fairs that happen around the city.

You can find out more by visiting his website or by following his current work on his Facebook and Instagram pages.


Barbara Wickham - Painting

Barbara lives near Ashley Park where she has her Art Studio.  A self taught artist, Barbara has been producing her work over the past few years from her studio.

Having retired 4 years ago from the hospitality trade at the age of 64, Barbara has undertaken many commissions, including many portraits of her customers' favourite pets.  She has also completed and sold many paintings of scenic views.

Barbara mostly paints her subject from photographic material and uses watercolour, gouache and pencils.


Laura Welch - Handmade Cards

Laura started making cards for family and friends as a child, when she was given a Christmas card making set, and has been making cards ever since.

She usually starts the process by choosing an occasion or colour, then building a card from there, selecting papers and embellishments to complement each other and arranging them on the card until she is happy with the layout.  The off cuts of paper from one card may then form the basis of the next, and so on.  Sitting down to make one card can quickly turn into an evening of making many cards.  No two cards are exactly the same, but she often makes several on a theme.

Conscious of environmental impact, many of her cards are made using recycled card and envelopes, and she is always looking for ways to make her cards more environmentally friendly.

You can find out more on Laura's Facebook, Etsy and Instagram pages.


Tracy Ostle Fairy Houses (from recycled and natural materials)

Tracy starting developing her fairy houses during lockdown.  She takes inspiration from nature and the need for us all to have a bit of fantasy and joy in our lives.

The materials are sourced from local woodlands and recycled materials discarded from renovation works.

The houses are be-spoke for individual’s tastes and come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles.  Lighting and internal structures can be added to create something that’s extra special!

Children, in particular, love the fairy fantasy world and Tracy has created mini enveloped letters with fairy dust to provide an extra sparkle.

Fairy houses have been requested in memory of a beloved relative and each is made delicately with respect.  As well as pet memorials to remember that beloved friend, bird houses can be made to add a bit of alternative fun to the garden.

The message they portray is to keep the planet green, enjoy the simple life and keep us all (including us adults) smiling.

You can visit a mini fairy trail by the river Foss, Huntington Road and magically more fairy houses are appearing from all walks of life!

Ana Maria Varas - Stained Glass

Four years ago, Ana started to create small projects in stained glass.

She really enjoys working with glass and the soldering process.  All of her works are based on the combination of glass, colour and small drawings which for her make the perfect fusion.

The glass allows her to play with shapes and colours and each work is individually created.  In each piece, she draws small figures to express messages about feeling, emotions, hunger and happiness which are reflected through the light.  She is happy to share her art with local people in this beautiful city of York.

She is currently creating a small project inspired by Covid-19 called "Colour in the Pandemic Time".


Emma Coleman - Jewellery

After years of making jewellery together, Emma and Louise decided to make it official and in 2012 formed ‘Kooky Mapoochi’.  The name means ‘bangles’ in Swahili.

They enjoy reusing and recycling products to create one off pieces and to give something another purpose.  Their style is very unique, making pieces that are colourful, chunky and fun to wear.

As well as jewellery, both Emma and Louise love all crafts; from handmade cards to upcycling furniture.  Nothing is off the table!

Maree Moore – Children's and Dolls' Clothing

Based in Huntington, full time working mum of two, Maree makes stunning dolls, dolls’ and children’s clothes.

When she was expecting her first child, Maree’s German mother in law (Konnie the other half of Billie & Ben!) made her a gorgeous traditional German doll for when their baby was born.  It’s a tradition in Germany for the grandmother to make a doll for the new baby.  Some friends asked for dolls to be made and the doll side grew from there.

She has always loved crafting but seeing what Konnie made really inspired her.  Konnie spent hours teaching her how to sew simple clothes which her daughter wore and she improved her skills whilst on maternity leave.  Friends asked her to make them some dresses or leggings.

It was on a family trip to Germany that she went fabric shopping and was amazed at the choice available.  She decided then that she’d like to try a craft fair just to see what general feedback would be...... and that was where it all began!!!

Billie and Ben creations are unique, even the clothing, as only two or three of the same items are made in the same fabric.



Ken Blackburn - Digital Painting

Born and raised in York, Ken has happily spent his life living and working in the area. His passion for landscape photography has been curtailed due to a recent diagnosis of Motor Neurone Disease.  He has now switched his artistic effort into digital painting, creating unique images of York and Yorkshire scenes.

He is hoping to raise funds for the Motor Neurone Disease Association this year and to this end all profits from the sale of his artworks will be donated to this vital organisation.

Lenka Stolarova – Textile Art

Lenka lives in Heworth where she makes her handmade textiles.

Lenka’s Kanzashi ribbon designs are intricate and sophisticated. She learned the Kanzashi technique in her native Czech Republic and now produces a mixture of brooches, hair accessories and seasonal decorations.

She specialises in making fascinators made with the highest quality sinamay fabric and each of her designs are planned down to the last detail.

Find out more information about Lenka's work on her Etsy, Facebook and Instagram pages.


Dan Cisek - Wood Creations

Dan has been a resident of Heworth all of his life and he creates unique wood gifts and furniture, all from recycled wood.

During lockdown, as a hobby, he started making tea light holders from cherry tree logs.  He then moved on to producing larger items from reclaimed wood, recycled pallets, old cable reels and oak barrel staves and lids.

Dan is happy to make bespoke items and furniture for both indoors and outdoors.  He has created a range of items including tea light holders, bottle openers, planters, coffee tables, large tables, benches, pallet furniture, and shelves and continues to expand his range of creations.

He really enjoys getting all the features out of the wood grain and bringing all the colours out of the wood too and his future vision is to recycle wood and create unique gifts and furniture.

Please check out Dan's Facebook page and contact him with any enquiries.


Ann Hart - Hand Painted Cards

Since moving to Heworth, Ann now has the benefit of her own studio where she can paint and experiment with lots of mixed mediums.

Being creative is a way of life for Ann.  She is always looking for ways to create different effects.  Inspired by nature – seeing the beauty in what’s around – from a car journey in the Yorkshire Wolds to a single autumn leaf fallen on the ground.

She is often asked why she sells her original paintings instead of having them printed.  “The enjoyment is in the painting, and putting the artwork onto a card is a way of sharing with others”.

People who have received one of her cards have said they don’t want to throw them away and have framed them – a greeting and a gift all in one and ecologically sound!

She describes herself as an enthusiastic hobbyist.


Lesley Peatfield - Photography

Lesley enjoys landscape photography, street, abstract and whatever catches her eye.  She really enjoys the process of capturing the digital image, processing it and making the final print.  She has always enjoyed developing her skills and loves the technical aspects of photography.

She tends to be a traditional photographer when it comes to landscapes using a tripod and all the lenses and filters needed, but is not fixed in her ideas and happy to experiment in all formats.

Lesley has, however, recently started to use her iPhone more and is in the middle of a project called Parallel Lives which is a series of multiple exposure images made using the PhotoSplit app.  These are proving very popular, and get people talking about her images which she loves as it enables her to talk to them about her passion.

In October 2020 she was delighted to be awarded the ARPS (Associateship of the Royal Photographic Society) with the Parallel Lives series concentrating on the York and surrounding area which make up a lot of the upcoming display.  She has just started to experiment with some film cameras from the 1940s, and has a future project in mind - exciting times!!

You can find out more on Lesley’s website and Facebook page.

Sam Joesbury - Pencil Portrait Art

Sam is a 16 year old pencil portrait artist currently studying at Joseph Rowntree Sixth Form in York.  His dedication for art started when he got increasingly more recognition from footballing heroes on his Instagram page and posts.  However he has loved drawing from a young age along with his dad.

Just before the start of lockdown, Ben Godfrey (a local lad from York who was recently signed for Everton in the Premiership) got in touch with him after seeing Sam’s drawing of him and he now owns a print.  Since then, Sam’s beloved Aston Villa players have also liked and got in touch with him, fuelling his passion further.

Sam primarily works in pencil on white paper and prefers to draw celebrities in his own time but also takes portrait commissions as well as pet and animal ones.

You can find out more on Sam’s Instagram and Facebook pages.


Lucy Glombek – Pour Art

Lucy is a fluid artist who creates abstract pour art paintings using acrylic paint. She predominately chooses to work on stretched canvas, wooden surfaces and paper. Her pieces vary in scale as she enjoys experimenting with different shapes and sizes.

Colours are key to all of Lucy’s artworks, no matter what medium. She believes combining, building and blending colours are her strength. ‘I don’t see one colour in an object, animal or human being. Part of it was taught - the ability to see colours past the primary colour is textbook - but I believe the other part is a natural instinct and imagination that tell you which colours are hidden behind the surface.’ 

When creating her pieces, the most time consuming process is picking and mixing colours. Once that step is completed it usually takes her a few minutes to finish a painting. For most of her paintings Lucy uses a standard pouring medium but she also works with silicone, in the form of hair products such as hair oil or shampoo to create different textures.

To find out more or to enquire about commissions, visit Lucy’s website, Facebook and Instagram pages.

Sue Butler - Photography

Sue is a self-taught, amateur photographer.  She was born in York and now lives in Heworth where she enjoys macro photography, photographing the beautiful Yorkshire countryside and creating Cyanotypes, cards and prints.  She is a member of The Guild of Photographers and over the years, she has been Highly Commended and shortlisted many times by the International Garden Photographer of the Year.

Sue loves experimenting with different techniques and one that she is really enjoying is (wet) Cyanotypes which is an early photographic process creating images without a camera.  Using ammonium citrate & potassium ferricyanide to create a photosensitive solution which is painted onto the surface of watercolour paper and left to dry and then exposed with flowers or leaves to the sun or a UV light.  The resulting pieces are unique and present botanical prints in a different and painterly manner.  Each of her pieces is created with plants and flowers exposed using only the North Yorkshire sun (when we get it!)

You can find out more on Sue's website, Facebook and MadeMe pages.


Nicola Harper - Textile Art

Nicola has loved textiles since being taught to sew and crochet as a small child.  She loves to create bespoke pieces, whether with a sewing machine or crochet hook.  In 2020 she was accepted as a member of The Society for Embroidered Work, an international society that promotes textile art and artists.

She takes inspiration for her pieces from both the rural and natural surroundings of her home in North Yorkshire, England, as well as across the UK and abroad.  Through the making process, she enjoys seeing how the work cultivates and builds over time.  She is able to recreate a precious moment captured in photographs of her travels, coming alive in the intricacies of cloth, wool and other fibres.

Her focused small-scale pieces are a layering and crafting of mainly recycled fabrics and yarns that she has collated over time, as well as texturally interesting found materials such as packaging.

Using a combination of techniques including free motion machine embroidery, appliqué, layering of materials and hand embroidery, each piece is handmade and bespoke, blending both colours and textures together to create an embellished and sculpted landscape.

Gill Oakes - Glass Artist

Gill was born and brought up in York and has lived in Heworth for the last 18 years. She adores her job as a Driving Instructor but found herself unable to work for many months due to the Covid restrictions.

For the 16 years before the pandemic Gill enjoyed creating beautiful hand-crafted glass pieces purely for the enjoyment of her family and friends.  Having more free time on her hands during the first lockdown, Gill decided to make herself a glass rainbow to put in her window.  Within a week, two neighbours asked if she would make rainbows for them, and by the end of the second week, more orders came her way.  She soon found herself busy in her studio almost every day until driving lessons were allowed to resume.

Gill has continued to produce small pieces when she has the time and has a real passion for working with glass.  She often takes her inspiration from nature, loving the whole process from the initial design work to the satisfaction of seeing the finished piece.

For more information, please visit her Heworth Glass Studio Facebook page.